Sunday 3.6 at 2pm-8pm: Opening of New Arkadia Bookshop

Dear friend of Arkadia,

You are most heartily invited to the opening of the new premises of Arkadia International Bookshop on Sunday 3.6 from 2pm to 8pm!

Rebecca Clamp has kindly accepted to perform at 6pm. It will be a momentous occasion!

New Arkadia is at the corner of Dagmarinkatu (number 5) and Nervanderinkatu (number 11), in Töölö, in Helsinki. Old Arkadia at Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 9A will become an antiquarian bookshop (Rare and old books) but will still, for now at least, host most of the events.

New Arkadia will offer a large selection of books on a verily innumerable number of topics!

We will also start running a small and extremely modest café, but warmly welcoming, on the new premises.

Join us all!

Warmest regards,