The band Vicious Circle will play at Arkadia on Friday 26.6 at 18:00

Dear friend of Arkadia,


Welcome to the bookshop to listen to Vicious Circle.

The band will play a selection their  very own songs. Come and see them perform at Arkadia Friday 26.6 at 18:00! 


Warm regards,




       Entrance is free and green tea will be served. A 2€ donation is suggested and would be welcome.

       My personal facebook account as well as the bookshop’s were disabled (mostly for mysterious reasons). I have a new account&the bookshop has a new page. You are welcome to join again if it’s not too much trouble. Thanks!


Vicious Circle was founded in Helsinki and has four members: Christell Nurgün, vocalist, Kalle Vuojolahti, guitarist, Eero Avaro, drummer and Johanna Jussila Osváth, bass guitar and background vocals.  The band has been inspired by a number of musical currents and have successfully produced their very distinctive and attractive style.