The Little Trip to the Country by Allegra Stodolsky on the Arkadia stage Saturday 28.2 at 17:00

Dear friend of Arkadia, The bookshop is absolutely delighted to present on its stage The Little Trip to the Countryside on Saturday 28.2 at 17:00!  A play written and directed by Allegra Stodolsky (13) and performed by Roosa Alatalo (13) Tomer Berlinsky (12 ), Ioni Rowlings (11), Or Pansky (12) and Allegra Stodolsky. You are heartily welcome! Warm regards, Ian Important note:

         Kindly be on time. Doors will close at 17:00. The show will last approximately 25 minutes.

         Entrance is free and green tea will be served

         If you wish to contact me please don’t reply to this email (it’s a no-reply one) but write to me at the following address:


The Little trip to the Countryside

  by Allegra Stodolsky (with help of Karolina Skveiby)

  This short play in six scenes is about two children on holiday at their aunt’s house in the countryside. During their stay, the children learn that their cousin has strangely disappeared. Two peevish neighbours say that he talked about a magical door –  but they don’t believe in such nonsense. Soon enough, however, the story takes a twist and turns into a magical fantasy tale..    This play was first performed in November 2008 at the Finn-Brit society.    Dramatis Personae: Iony Rowlings (Jane), Tomer Berlinsky (Christopher), Or Pansky (James and Raphael Roberts) , Roosa Alatalo(Abby), and Allegra Stodolsky (News reporter, Elizabeth and Mary Roberts)