Thursday 12.11 at 6 pm at Arkadia: Milk Wood Magic / Maitometsän magiaa – A Dylan Thomas event

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You are invited to Milk Wood Magic / Maitometsän magiaa – A Dylan Thomas event on Thursday 12.11 at 6pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11)

Featuring: Jessica Calonius, John Leo, Päivi Pekkarinen, Tero Valkonen

You are invited to join an enlightening Dylan Thomas (27 October 1914 – 9 November 1953) Day event Milk Wood Magic / Maitometsän magiaa and celebrate one of the greatest lyrical poets in English of the twentieth century; Thomas’s elegiac, humorous, lyrical, visionary ‘play for voices’ continues to inspire actors, musicians, illustrators as well as delight the imagination of the listeners and readers.

The event will be partly in English, partly in Finnish


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Languages: English / Finnish
Featuring: Jessica Calonius, John Leo, Päivi Pekkarinen, Tero Valkonen

1. ‘A greenleaved sermon on the innocence of men’ / ‘Lehtivihreällä kirjoitettu saarna viattomuudesta’: How Under Milk Wood – A Play for Voices came into being / Miten Maitometsässä: ääninäytelmä syntyi – a brief feature – Päivi – English, Finnish
(= c. 5 min)

2. ‘To begin at the beginning’ / ‘Alusta aloittakaamme’ ….from Under Milk Wood / Maitometsästä – John / Tero – English / Finnish (UMW pp. 3-4 / MM s. 1-3)
(=c. 10 min)

3. ’Dewfall, starfall, the sleep of birds in Milk Wood ’: dreams of Llareggub inhabitants / ‘kastesade, tähtisade, lintujen uni Maitometsässä’: Llareggubin asukkaiden unia
– ‘Dewgrazed stir of the black, dab-filled sea’ /’kasteen hivelevä liikahtelu tummalla laikkuisella merellä’: ‘Captain Cat, the retired blind seacaptain, asleep in his bunk in the seashelled, ship-in-bottled, shipshape best cabin of Schooner House’ – John, Jessica, Tero – English (UMW pp. 3, 4, 5…7 / (MM s. 2…6)
-‘I will lie by your side like the Sunday roast’: Mr Mog Edwards and Miss Myfanwy Price – John and Jessica – English (UMW p. 7)
-‘Before you let the sun in, mind it wipes its shoes’: Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard, Mr Ogmore, Mr Pritchard – John, Tero, Jessica – English (UMW pp. 12-14)
-‘There is perturbation and music in Coronation Street!’(p. 14): Organ Morgan, the organist, ’plays alone at night for anyone who will listen’– John/Tero – English/Finnish (UMW p.14) /(MM s.16-17)
(= c. 20 min)

4. ’The town ripples like a lake in the waking haze’ (p.19): Captain Cat pulls the townhall bellrope: the town awakens / ‘kaupunki väreilee kuin järvi, aamuherätyksen usvassa’ (s.23)
-‘Dear Gwalia!’: Rev Eli Jenkins’ morning service – John /Tero – English / Finnish (st 1-2, 8-9) (UMW pp. 20-21 / MM s. 25-26)
– Poem: ‘This bread I break’ (CP, pp 36-37) – Tero – English / Finnish
-‘Here’s your arsenic, dear’: Mr and Mrs Pugh – English (UMW pp. 22-23) – John and Jessica
(= c.16 min)

5. ’There’s the clip clop of horses on the sunhoneyed cobbles of the humming streets’ (UMW p.34) / ’kavioiden kapsetta katujen mukulakivikennoilla, joilla aurinko levittää hunajaista paistettaan’ (MM s.45)
-‘Here’s a letter for you […] all the way from Builth Wells’: Captain Cat, Willy Nilly and Mrs Ogmore Pritchard – John, Tero and Jessica – English (UMW pp. 30-31)
– ‘Lives of Great Poisoners’: Willy Nilly and Mrs Pugh -Tero and Jessica – English (UMW pp.31-32)
– ‘Lives of Great Saints’: Mr and Mrs Pugh – John and Jessica – English ( UMW pp. 47-48, 50) >pp
– ‘Drunk as a deacon’: Mr and Mrs Cherry Owen – John and Jessica – English (UMW pp. 26-27)
(= c. 20 min)

6. ‘Night’s first darkening snow’ / ‘Yön pimenevä ensilumi’ (UMW p.56 / MM s. 78))
– Poem: ‘Lie still, sleep becalmed’(CP, p. 113) – Tero – English /Finnish
– ‘And to the sun we all will bow’: Rev Eli Jenkins’ sun set poem / ‘Nyt vielä aurinkoa kumartakaamme’ – John / Tero – English / Finnish (UMW pp. 57-58 / MM s. 80-81)
(= c. 12 min)
7. ‘Hauraan yön väri sakenee’/ The thin night darkens’- Päivi / John – Finnish /English (MM s. 88/ UMW p. 62/
(= c. 5 min)


CP =Thomas, Dylan, Collected poems 1934-1953. Ed. by Walford Davies and Ralph Maud. – London: Dent, 1989. (Everyman classics).
UMW= Thomas, Dylan, Under Milk Wood: a play for voices. Ed. by Walford Davies and Ralph Maud ; introduction by Walford Davies. – Definitive ed. – London: Phoenix, 2000.
MM=Thomas, Dylan, Maitometsässä: kuunnelma; Yleisradiolle suom. Anselm Hollo. – [Käsikirjoituskopio]. – [Helsinki]: Yleisradio, 1968.

We are grateful to The Trustees for the Copyrights of Dylan Thomas for granting us the permission to read the texts from Under Milk Wood and the two poems from Collected poems at this event, as well as to Mrs Jane Dalrymple-Hollo for her kind permission to use the Finnish translation, Maitometsässä, by her late husband, the poet Anselm Hollo (1934-2013).
We also thank the Finnish Broadcasting Company for providing the copy of the Finnish text.