Thursday 14.10 at 6pm: Brändikäs by Lisa Sounio

Dear friend of Arkadia, You are warmly welcome to the bookshop on Thursday 14.10 at 6pm. Lisa Sounio has kindly accepted to present Brändikäs, her new book on branding and marketing. It promises to be a lively evening, full of spark and ideas! The talk will mainly be in Finnish but questions may be answered in English and Swedish. Do come and join us! Warm regards, Ian Entrance is free and green tea will be served. A donation of €2 (or more!) is suggested and would be very welcome. Brändikäs / Lisa Sounio Brändi on pärstä ja sielu samassa paketissa” Suomessa ei ole koskaan puhuttu brändeistä yhtä paljon kuin nyt. Eikä ymmärretty markkinointia yhtä kapeasti. Brändi koskettaa kaikkia, poliitikoista ja pörssipomoista pikkuyrittäjiin ja työnhakijoihin. Brändityöryhmät eivät avaudu kansalle. Markkinointikirjat ovat vaikeaselkoisia. Mainos- ja mediatoimistojen tarjoama brändäys on harvojen herkkua. Brändikäs on vastaisku perinteille ja pönötykselle. Kuka tahansa onnistuu, kun oivaltaa, että bisnes on teatteria ja tarina turinaa. Brändikäs on napakka tietopaketti, joka kertoo miksi ja miten brändätä. Ja samalla tienata. Brändikäs antaa työkalut markkinoida pennillä. Tiiviit tarinat pitävät lukijan otteessaan. Brändikäs by Lisa Sounio Never before has there been so much talk about brands, and never before has marketing been so narrowly understood. Yet in business life, you need lots of attention, now more than ever. That is why everybody messes with brands: politicians, “wall street” bosses, entrepreneurs and jobseekers. Brand committees, teams and studies stay alien to the people. Marketing books are difficult and complex. Advertising and media agencies offer highly priced branding services. Lisa Sounio strikes back with Brändikäs, a new book on branding and marketing. Brändikäs is funny, and easy to understand; full of facts and witty strategies how and why to brand – anything – and how to make money. With this book Lisa wants to encourage us to trust our own visions – marketing is truly very simple! Brand and design expert Lisa Sounio is the CEO of Sonay Ltd. Sounio is also a popular speaker and columnist, who dares stick her sharp pen into touchy business issues. She’s a serial entrepreneur. In 2007 Sounio co-founded Dopplr, which quickly became a highly appreciated social media and online service for international business travelers. Dopplr was sold to Nokia in 2009. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur Sounio worked on brand marketing, export sales and product development. As Brand Manager of Iittala, she was, among other things, in charge of developing the Marimekko and Iittala Primavera product family and turning around the Alvar Aalto glass collection. Sounio has studied economics, design management and communications in five different universities and worked on three different continents. Sounio inspires people to find their right element and believes that anyone can flourish at every age and every trade.