Thursday 24.7 at 6pm at Arkadia: Black Holes in the Universe by John Regan

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You are invited to Black Holes in the Universe by John Regan on Thursday 24.7 at 6pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11)

John will review the history behind the theory of black holes from their origins in Einstein‘s General Theory of Relativity. He’ll also discuss the formation of black holes throughout the Universe and he’ll pay special attention to the black hole at the centre of our own galaxy which is experiencing a unique event at the current time. he’ll then finish by talking about some more exotic phenomena including wormholes in space, white holes etc.


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Entrance is free but a donation of €3 (or more!) to fund the event is suggested and would be most welcome. If you have no loose change or coins we gladly accept payment via Visa Electron or Mastercard etc. !


John Regan received his B.A. in Theoretical Physics from Trinity College Dublin in 2003, his MSc from Trinity in 2004 and his PhD in Numerical Cosmology from the University of Cambridge in 2008. He has had postdocs in the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge and Helsinki since then.