Thursday 28.10 at 6pm: Clip Kino event: Shamanism in our global society by Jon Irigoyen

Dear Friend of Arkadia, You are warmly invited to the first Clip Kino event at the bookshop on Thursday 28.10 at 6pm: Shamanism in our global society by Jon Irigoyen Event on Facebook: Archive URL: Clip Kino events are self-organised screening events of short video clips & documentaries found online. They aim to drag aspects of normalised ‘private’ activity – of viewing downloaded content on one’s own computer – into public space for screening, appreciation and debate. Events in 2010 are supported by a Finnish Arts Council multi-cultural grant. The event is in English and you are all welcome to participate by expressing your thoughts and opinions. Warm regards, Ian www.arkadiabookshop.fiEntrance is free and green tea will be served. A donation of €2 (or more!) is suggested and would be very welcome.At a time when ethical and moral values are being diluted, and the Capital is taking ownership of our lives, the approach to a series of behaviours and attitudes of respect and knowledge of others, our natural environment and ourselves, appear as a possibility of taking control over our lives and emotions. Part of the strategy of the Consumer Society in which we are engaged, is the control of the individual through the consumption and the imposition of an unattainable lifestyle for most, resulting in frustration and suffering of the individual in a social, emotional and spiritual way. Through this audiovisual discussion, we will see how we can understand shamanism as a prospect of peaceful and spiritual resistance opposed to the values and the way of life imposed by the neoliberal system in which we sink, making us more aware and masters of our thoughts, feelings and utopias. Jon irigoyen 2010 Bio Jon Irigoyen Cultural agitator, independent curator, cultural programer and artist, is fascinated with the crosscutting relationships between artist and spectator and the interaction with the public/urban space. Jon Irigoyen was born in the dirty, punk, post-industrial city of Bilbao. In the last 14 years he has lived in different European cities: Madrid, Bristol and Barcelona, being currently based in Helsinki. Clip Kino. The format was initiated by Andrew Gryf Paterson, a Scottish artist-organiser based in Helsinki. He was involved in early experiments with mobile and media-sharing platforms, encouraging people to upload before YouTube. However when they became a mass-medium, and thousands of videos became available online, he felt it necessary to shift attention to finding out what people were interested in. A sort of participatory ‘direct action’ media literacy: What media is online? Who is watching it? What does it mean to them, and indeed to you? Where does the video clip come from? How was it produced and distributed? Has it inspired copies, remixes or derivatives? More information: Shamanism in our global society