Thursday 31.1 at 6pm at Arkadia: ‘Sigurd Frosterus, an Architect of Helsinki’ by philosopher and artist Kimmo Sarje

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You are invited to “Sigurd Frosterus, an Architect of Helsinki“by philosopher and artist Kimmo Sarje on Thursday 31.1 at 6pm at Arkadia ( Nervanderinkatu 11).

Sigurd Frosterus, an Architect of Helsinki

The architect Sigurd Frosterus (1876–1956) and his colleagues were, to a considerable part, responsible for the character of Helsinki, where over thirty buildings were designed by him or his offices. Some of them, such as the Stockmann department store, are known by everyone, while his work of designing several luxurious and anonymous apartment buildings is not widely known. The buildings by Frosterus differ in their style. In his early years he was a radical rationalist of the art nouveau movement but after the First World War he changed to pluralism and classicism. Frosterus was not only an architect but also a philosopher and critic. As a writer, he also served to create the spirit of Helsinki.

Kimmo Sarje


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Entrance is free but a donation of €3 (or more!) to fund the event is suggested and would be most welcome.

Kimmo Sarje, Philosopher and Artist

Kimmo Sarje
(born in 1951) is a doctor of philosophy and a visual artist. He is Adjunct Professor of Aesthetics at the University
of Helsinki
. He has worked as a researcher, critic, curator and artist. In all these roles, he has steeped himself in issues of modernity, postmodernity and socialism. Sarje has written and edited numerous books about art, architecture and philosophy, and he has works in the collections of major art museums in Finland.

In his book Sigurd Frosteruksen modernin käsite. Maailmankatsomus ja arkkitehtuuri (Sigurd Frosterus’ Concept of the Modern. Worldview and Architecture, 2000) Sarje examines early 19th-century modernity in Finland from the point of view
of one its major architects and critics, Sigurd Frosterus. Sarje has also edited Frosterus’s writings on art, technology and architecture, published in three volumes.

Montage of Philosophy, Philosophy of Montage (2003) consists of essays on artworks and texts on topical issues at the end of the
20th century. The book Briefe aus Nirgendwo/Letters from Nowhere (2005), edited by Sarje and published with his montage exhibition of the same title at the Pori Art Museum, examines the influence of the former DDR on the intellectual Left in Finland.

Sarje received Yrjö Hirn price in 2012.