Thursday 9.8 at 6pm: ‘Ziggy Zephyr and his fellow snakes’ by biologists Sedeer and Hannele Luhtasela-El Showk

Dear friend of Arkadia,

You are heartily invited “Ziggy Zephyr and his fellow snakes” by biologists Sedeer and Hannele Luhtasela-El Showk on Thursday 9.8 at 6pm at New Arkadia (Dagmarinkatu 5)

To celebrate the arrival of the Colombian rainbow boa Ziggy Zephyr at Arkadia, biologists and snake-keepers Sedeer and Hannele Luhtasela-El Showk will talk about the remarkable adaptations that make snakes special and the joy and privilege of getting to know these fascinating creatures. They’ll also do their best to answer your questions and even give you a chance to meet Ziggy.


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Entrance is free and green tea will be offered. A donation of €2 (or more!) to fund the event is suggested and would be most


Snakes are everywhere, living in the water, trees, and landscapes of every continent except Antarctica. They range from just 10 centimetres long to over 9 meters and eat everything from termites to pigs. Serpents have been part of human mythology for thousands of years, serving as symbols of eternity, healing, deceit, wisdom, evil, desire and more. Despite this, snakes remain unfamiliar to most people, making them victim to a wide range