Tuesday 16.5 at 6pm at Arkadia: Biisit kirjojen väleistä – Teemu Suuntamaa ja Sampsa Pirtola

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You are invited to Biisit kirjojen väleistä – Teemu Suuntamaa ja Sampsa Pirtola on Tuesday 16.5 at 6pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11)



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Songs from between the books — Teemu Suuntamaa and Sampsa Pirtola

Teemu Suuntamaa
is a man behind the beard, a songwriter whose texts emerge from the border of sleep. His intimate songs are accompanied by the delicate force of an acoustic guitar. Mystisen naaraan portti (The Gate of a Mystical Female) is a project, the aim of which is to produce a record— in one possible future — of songs hidden for long in the table drawer and later blown alive at the streets of Helsinki.

Sampsa Pirtola. Man and guitar – the most worn out combination in the world. I’ll play my never heard of ”Greatest Hits” from 2003 to this day, songs which I have played in my sacred solitude for myself. A part of the songs have been performed a few times in different occasions, others I have withheld for unknown reasons. Texts are in Finnish, the tunes are universal. These songs are melancomic, ranging from thoughtful to humoristic. Hear this now, for it is a rare (perhaps unique) occasion!