Tuesday 16.8 at 5 pm at Arkadia: The Choice of Happiness , 7th seminar of a course by Oana Velcu-Laitinen

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You are invited to The Choice of Happiness, 7th seminar of a course by Oana Velcu-Laitinen, on Tuesday 16.8 at 5 pm (Nervanderinkatu 11)

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Oana Velcu onutza.ghe@gmail.com/ 0505387404.



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The Choice of Happiness, 7th seminar of a course by Oana Velcu-Laitinen, PhD and certified coach.

“Forgiving others for the wrong they’ve done to you or forgiving yourself for the wrong you’ve done to others can be painful but ultimately can lead to living with a heart full of love and light. You are warmly invited to join the seminar on Forgiveness where we will discuss ten capabilities that can help us open the hearts to forgiveness and self-forgiveness.

The seminar takes place on the 16th August at Arkadia bookshop, from 5:00pm to 6:30pm. The participation to the seminar is free but a donation of 3 euro (or more) to support the bookshop is more than welcome.

The seminar is organised by Oana Velcu, certified coach. Below is the link to one of my blog posts about forgiveness where one can see an example of how intention can be used to overcome regrets. When you set your heart to go towards love and joy, whatever seems unforgivable becomes surmountable.