Tuesday 17.8 to Saturday 25.9: Ink drawings by Ina Viljanen

Dear friend of Arkadia, You are heartily welcome to an exhibit of ink drawings by Ina Viljanen from Tuesday 17.8 to Saturday 25.9! Warm regards,  Ian www.arkadiabookshop.fi Text by Ina Viljanen Drawings in Ink These drawings came together pretty quickly after some experiments with ink, which still is a fairly new technique to me. I had no specific theme in my mind while working. Later I noticed that there were some familiar themes to me such as yearning and death and the unexpected in life. I´d rather not try to analyze them for you. Many years ago I painted with acrylic, then had a long passive period, until I started to focus more on photography, and particularly on collage technique. I was born and have spent the most of my life in Helsinki. In recent years I have worked in Art Museums as a protector of beauty (attendant, really). Someone once said the best journey is looking out of the window. It could also well be going out for a walk.