Tuesday 26.4 at 6pm:“The Universe: cosmology for non-scientists” by Dr. Rose Lerner

Dear friend of Arkadia, You are heartily welcome to “The Universe: cosmology for non-scientists” by Dr. Rose Lerner on Tuesday 26.4 at 6pm. The Universe is an amazing place, full of exotic things like galaxy clusters and dark matter. In this talk Rose will give an overview of what makes up the Universe and how we know. Then She will talk about the beginning of the Universe, and discuss how modern science can give us information about the first second of the Universe’s existence. Rose hopes you will leave with more questions than when you arrived . You are welcome to ask some of these questions during and after the talk! The talk, in English, will be about 45 minutes and is aimed at the true non-scientist (who hasn’t studied science and doesn’t read popular science books) – although anyone is of course welcome to attend. Dr. Rose Lerner works as a researcher at Helsinki University and Helsinki Institute of Physics and has previously studied in Oxford (UK) and Lancaster (UK). Her work is on theoretical cosmology, particularly trying to link particle physics and cosmology. Welcome! Warm regards, Ian www.arkadiabookshop.fi Entrance is free and green tea will be served. A donation of €2 (or more!) is suggested and would be very welcome.