Tuesday 6.4 at 6pm: Screening of Zahara & Urga & talk on Tarkosvky / Rax Rinnekangas

Dear friend of Arkadia, You are warmly invited to the screening of Zahara & Urga by art film director, author and photographer Rax Rinnekangas on Tuesday 6.4 at 6pm. There will also be to a discussion on Tarkovsky and his influence on film, with a particular attention given to his 1975 film The Mirror. Rax Rinnekangas has kindly accepted to host the evening. You are all most welcome to watch Zahara & Urga and join the talk! http://www.btlimited.fi/films.html Warm regards, Ian www.arkadiabookshop.fi – Entrance is free and green tea will be served. A donation of €2 (or more!) is suggested and would be welcome. – The bookshop is on facebook (Ian Bourgeot’s account). The Mirror is a 1975 Russian film directed by Andrei Tarkovsky. It is loosely autobiographical, blending childhood memories, art work of this legendary film director with poems by his father Arseny Tarkovsky. The concept of The Mirror dates as far back as 1964. Over the years Tarkovsky wrote several screenplay variants to clarify his deepest intension to make it for a cinema. Today The Mirror is widely regarded as a masterpiece and one of Tarkovsky‘s best works. In 2005 , Finnish art film director, author and photographer Rax Rinnekangas shot Zahara & Urga (60 min), as a profound homage to Tarkovsky‘s Mirror . The purpose wasn’t to imitate Tarkovsky but to make a film that followed his philosophy which suggests that in our own mirror ‘we will see and understand’ more about the past. – Rax Rinnekangas, a filmmaker, a photographer, a writer, – born 1954 in Rovaniemi, Finland Documentaries and art films2009 The Colours of The Holocaust, 60 minutes Tadao Ando’s Koshino House, 60 minutes A Finnish Thought, 58 minutes Villa Mairea – the essence of a house, 50 minutes   2008 The Soul of Colour – the Art of Rafael Wardi, 24 minutes 2007 The Melnikov House, 58 minutes The Last Forest Boy, 28 minutes 2006 The Grief of A School, 27 minutes 2005 Zahara&Urga, 60 minutes Villa Mairea – a house under the pines, 27 minutes 2004 The Mystery of Peasant Lalli, 50 minutes Château de l’âme, 56 minutes Gryta, 6 minutes 2003 Master K and His School, 52 minutes Agon’s Land, 40 minutes The Last Bird, 7 minutes 2002 Yevgeny’s Love, 7 minutes 2001 From Eternal World – the Art of Elvi Maarni, 16 minutes Auschwitz 2000, 6 minutes Emma – Sculptor Kain Tapper’s restlessness, 25 minutes 2000 The Children of Another God, 30 minutes. God’s Jester – Luis Buñuel, 30 minutes