Tuesday 7.4 at 6 pm at Arkadia: “Around the fire at the club- “An entertainment based on the life and poetry of W.B. Yeats performed by Irish actor Frank Boyle

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You are invited to”Around the fire at the club- “An entertainment
based on the life and poetry of W.B. Yeats performed by Irish actor Frank Boyle on Tuesday 7.4 at 6pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11)

The entertainment is primarily a recital of Yeats poetry from his early years to the close of his life. It endeavours to illustrate the major themes and passions in his poetry and life. ‘Around the fire at the club-‘ is the first part of a two part project. It deals primarily with Yeats early life up until 1916-1919. The second part ‘Cast a cold eye’ deals mainly with the later period and his poems from ‘A Vision’ until his final days


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William Butler Yeats was born in Dublin in the year 1865 and died in France in 1939. Across this time he became a Colossus of Irish literature and public life. He was intensely involved in the Irish literary Revival, the foundation of The Abbey National Theatre, a Senator of the new Irish Free State and was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. He struggled with belief all his life. A struggle for freedom of spirit, of intellect and of race. The battle with the self was constant. The subjective and the objective man were at odds with one another, his intuition and his reason, likewise.

His deep reflections on the 1916 Rising and the founding of the Irish Free State to Philosophical visions of man’s state and purpose, delved deep into his own and the Irish psyche and still resonates in the minds, hearts and dreams of Ireland today. His poetry reflects his life’s struggles – from the mysterious and lofty things of bardic eloquence to unrequited love for Maude Gonne (his Cathleen Ni Houlihan) and the practical and direct speech of a ‘ sixty year old smiling public man’. From the spiritual and visionary to the reflections of a man appalled with the prospect of old age and death he was always alive, always changing, always searching for a ‘ Unity of Being’.

His body was repatriated from France in 1948 after the war. He was buried in Drumcliff Churchyard in Sligo ‘under bare Ben Bulbin’s head’.The region associated with his noble ancestors and the development of his boyhood imagination.

Frank Boyle is a professional actor with extensive experience in theatre, TV and film work. He worked as a Freelance actor in Dublin for a number of years. At present he is based here in Finland employed often as a voice actor in both commercial and artistic fields. Frank has appeared in several feature films and TV series in Finland including Alright? Alright! Directed by Neil Hardwick on YLE TV and Lapinlahden Linnut TV sketch show directed by Mikko Kivinen and ‘Alamaailma’ (Underworld) TV drama YLE.

Recent theatre projects included Krapp’s Last Tape by Samuel Beckett, performed at the French Cultural Center and the University of Helsinki. Projects produced in 2012-14 include ‘A Public Reading by Charles Dickens’ and ‘A Swift Evening with the Dean’ based on the life and works of Jonathan Swift with music from his contemporary O’Carolan the 17th Century Irish harpist. He has also performed dramatised extracts of James Joyce’s Ulysses for Bloomsday in Finland for over 22 years.