Tuesday 19.1 at 6pm: Monogamy vs Polyamory by Dana Pillsbury-Tietäväinen

Dear friend of Arkadia, You are expressly invited to listen to Monogamy vs Polyamory by Dana Pillsbury-Tietäväinen on Tuesday 19.1 at 6pm. The lecture will be in English; questions and comments can be made in English or German. Warm regards, Ian www.arkadiabookshop.fi – Entrance is free and green tea will be served. A donation of €2 (or more!) is suggested and would be welcome. – IMPORTANT: Quite exceptionally the bookshop will be closed on Friday 15.1 and Saturday 16.1. I’m very sorry.
Monogamy vs Polyamory by Dana Pillsbury-Tietäväinen
  Monogamy is the norm in modern Western societies. Or is it? One in seven Finns prefers parallel relationships, 70% of Danes think it is ok to have affairs and 10% of babies in Europe and North America are not the children of the men they call Daddy. What makes some people fall in love with more than one partner, how do non-monogamous relationships work, and what happens when one half of a couple is monogamous and the other isn’t (or would like not to be)? Dana Pillsbury-Tietäväinen will be answering these and other questions as she reviews her research on monogamy, polyamory, and making mixed mono-poly relationships work. Dana Pillsbury-Tietäväinen is a monogamous corporate branding and investor relations consultant married to a polyamorous mathematician. She holds a BS in engineering from the California Institute of Technology and is currently writing a book on monogamy, polyamory, and mixed mono-poly relationships. She lives in Helsinki