Wednesday 12.3 at 5pm at Arkadia: Bioindustry as part of Nature by microbiologist Elias Hakalehto

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You are invited to ‘Bioindustry as part of Nature’ by microbiologist Elias Hakalehto Wednesday 12.3 at 5pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11)


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Elias Hakalehto

Elias Hakalehto graduated from the University of Helsinki as a microbiologist at 1983. Afterwards, he has been involved in environmental protection, research on probiotics, microbial detection, industrial project development. He studied biotechnology at London and Canterbury, UK, 1984-85. Then as the first researcher in a joint project between University of Helsinki and Valio, he outlined strategies for Valio´s positioning at the probiotics market. Later on moved to Kuopio, where at 1997 his own company, Finnoflag Oy, was activated. This R&D company has been promoting new concepts in microbiological research, for example the PMEU (Portable Microbe Enrichment Unit).

Hakalehto did his PhD Thesis at 2000 for the University of Kuopio, and have carried out many consultations in fields of microbiology and biotechnology, acting also since 2009 as a R&D Director at Samplion Oy. Some of the latest activities have been related to the establishment of biorefineries industries together with several clients. Hakalehto has served as a technology provider in a six countries EU Baltic Sea Region ABOWE project (Implementing Advanced Concepts for the Utilization of Waste), where Savonia Technical University is the Lead Partner. In ABOWE Pilot A unit field tests on the conversion of biomasses into energy, chemicals and fertilizers are currently under way. In the clinical sector a hospital validation of the PMEU system has been going on for some years. This technology has been tested also at water departments in the Polaris project, and Berner Oy has the global license for this application.

Since 2008 Hakalehto has been nominated as an Adjunct Professor in Biotechnical Microbe Analytics, now in the University of Eastern Finland.