Wednesday 18.5 at 5 pm at Arkadia: The Choice of Happiness , 4th seminar of a course by Oana Velcu-Laitinen

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You are invited to The Choice of Happiness, 4th seminar of a course by Oana Velcu-Laitinen, on Wednesday 18.5 at 5 pm (Nervanderinkatu 11)

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The Choice of Happiness, 4th seminar of a course by Oana Velcu-Laitinen, PhD and certified coach.
On the 18th of May, you are welcome to join the gratitude seminar, the fourth seminar of the course The Choice of Happiness.
Gratitude, the feeling of appreciation for what life offers to us, is not naturally experienced too often. And when we do feel gratitude, we may not be aware of it, being focused on things that don’t go they way we would want them to go.

In this seminar, we will clarify what gratitude is and what gratitude is not. We will elaborate why it is important to grow gratitude. We will further discuss the strategies we can embrace so that gratitude can become more than a random feeling, but also a state of being that promotes healthier thoughts, life satisfaction, goal-setting and happier relationships. The discussion is based both on research findings from the field of positive psychology and spirituality..

Here is the link to one of Oana’s blog posts, which talks about four habits that we can develop in order to give and receive empathy and the motivation to embrace those habits: