Friday 19.2 at 6pm:You are warmly welcome to a TED salon!

 Dear friend of Arkadia, You are warmly welcome to a TED salon on Friday 19.2 at 6pm! An evening of watching and discussing two short, impactful, and thought-provoking video lectures on topical urban themes by architects Bjarke Ingels ( and Carolyn Steele ( The lectures, originally delivered at past TED conferences (, deal with sustainable architecture and urban food supply. Join us and don’t hesitate to expresss your thoughts and opinions! Disclaimer: Kindly note that this informal evening of TED talks is different from a licensed, independently organized TEDx event: The organizer’s views do not represent those of TED or TEDx, nor does he represent any commercial or political agenda. Warm regards, Ian – Entrance is free and green tea will be served. A donation of €2 (or more!) is suggested and would be welcome. – Important: The talk is open to everyone and will be in English. TED Salon @ Arkadia!/event.php?eid=301291256791&ref=mf Host: Pavan Ramkumar Background: TED (Technology Entertainment Design) is a highly-exclusive conference from Long Beach, California that started in 1985 for bright and successful thinkers from various disciplines to interact in a stimulating environment and inspire each other. In 2002, TED was taken over by a non-profit that dedicated itself to “ideas worth spreading”. Since then, TED is still an annual conference for diverse, passionate thinkers and doers, but with a key difference: the talks are extremely well-curated in an online video library. Further, TED allows and encourages free screening of talks in public for non-profit purposes. Why: I am a TED fanboy and a researcher at the Aalto University School of Science and Technology. Last fall, with some friends, I organized a TED Salon at the university, screening and facilitating discussion around some talks from the recently-concluded TED India conference ( I now wish to share my passion for novel and though-provoking ideas with a diverse audience. Carolyn Steel | Hungry City | How Food Shapes Our Lives » About Me