Wednesday 20.1 at 6 pm at Arkadia: Ecomodernism: what is it? by Janne M. Korhonen

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You are invited to Ecomodernism: what is it? by Janne M. Korhonen on Wednesday 20.1 at 6pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11)


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Ecomodernism: what is it? (Ekomodernismi: mitä se on?)

Ecomodernism is a new environmental movement. Compared to traditional environmental movements, it is more pragmatic about the methods to use in advancing environmental and social justice causes: for example, ecomodernists generally agree that both nuclear power and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) can contribute towards a better world for all. As a result and because distinctly ecomodernist thinking is still developing, traditional environmentalists in particular have accused ecomodernists of advancing unrealistic “techno-fixes” or simply being shills for the industry. But what is ecomodernism and how do the ecomodernists position themselves? How does ecomodernism differ from traditional environmentalism? And is there a need for a new environmental movement?

Janne M. Korhonen is a founding member of the Finnish Ecomodernist Society and a co-author (with Rauli Partanen) of two books about climate change mitigation, Climate Gamble and Musta Hevonen (forthcoming on March 21st).