Wednesday 21.9 at 6pm: Remembering and Writing Pleasure / Pain by Silke Brandt

 Dear friend of Arkadia, You are warmly invited to Remembering and Writing Pleasure / Pain – by Silke Brandt on Wednesday 21.9 at 6pm. Silke will read from her essay “Cutting Yesterday’s Throat” and would gladly discuss the issue of remembering sensations with the audience. The reading and discussion is take place in English. Welcome! Warm regards, Ian!/pages/Arkadia-International-Bookshop-Ian-Bourgeot/114962855198875 Entrance is free and green tea will be offered. A donation of €2 (or more!) to fund the event is suggested and would be most welcome! Remembering and Writing Pleasure / Pain – by Silke Brandt Do we remember lust and pain in pictures like with a virtual camera, recalling what was happening at the moment we felt them – a ‘who did what’? Do we talk about our reaction – tell that we screamed instead of saying what from exactly? Do we use clichéd phrases to communicate what was going on inside our bodies, because it seems to be a language everyone understands? Do we edit memories of sensations like deleting unwanted holiday pictures? Silke likes to explore possibilities of a language of the body, of communicating actual sensations – in all their complexity. Instead of telling pleasure/pain as the simple ‘operation instructions’ we are used to find in romance as well as in porn, in victim’s testimonies as well as in horror fiction. Silke Brandt is a culture worker, journalist and writer living in Helsinki. Her essays and a short story have been published in German and international books. Copies of a German-language anthology including Silke’s erotic short story “Vertebrae” (a fictional relationship between two historical serial killers) will be available at Arkadia. .