Wednesday 23.5 at 6pm at Arkadia: ‘A Talk With the Unconscious: Continuing The Journey to Become Your True Self’ by Marc Siles & Ruth Franco

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You are invited to ‘A Talk With the Unconscious: Continuing The Journey to Become Your True Self’ by Marc Siles & Ruth Franco on Wednesday 23.5 at 6pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11)

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A Talk With the Unconscious: Continuing The Journey to Become Your True Self by Marc Siles & Ruth Franco 

Our thoughts are interconnected to our future, create our reality. From 60.000 to 70.000 of those thoughts we think in one day(1), 90% are the same thoughts as the previous days, and are located in the unconscious level. We become a set of memorised behaviours, unconscious habits, automatic emotional reactions.  In other words, the world we experience is a reflection of our inner thoughts, perceptions, feelings, values and beliefs. It’s  reflection of what’s going on deep in our unconscious mind; like a move projector reflects the film on the screen. Would you like to become the director of your own film? 

After receiving many requests after last years session, Marc and Ruth will be holding a follow up session. This time we’ll explore the skill of psychological flexibility. During recent years, research has shown that this skill is a fundamental aspect of mental health and wellbeing. The concept has been defined as “the ability to contact the present moment more fully as a conscious human being, and to change or persist in behavior when doing so serves valued ends”. This means that developing those skills that will allow you to be more in touch with yourself and commit to your values, will facilitate your path to reach your full potential and achieve your aims. During this session we’ll explore some basics on this dimension and experience few tools in order to develop committed action. 


Marc Siles ( coaches executives and top management teams around the globe, from Australia, Japan, India and China, all the way to Finland, Iceland USA and Canada. He focuses mainly on strategic growth mindset development, unlocking leadership capabilities to accelerate results and transforming corporate cultures. He is very interested in undertaking new challenges that nobody has ever been able to solve with a human-centric approach. Originally from Spain, he has also lived in Italy, Sweden, and Finland. He has over 10 years of experience in different Senior Executive positions in various international companies, and started his own companies as well. Marc holds a Licentiate degree in Business Administration, a Global Executive MBA by IESE Business School and a Black Belt certification in Six Sigma. He is also a Master Growth Mindset Coach, and Master Neuro-Linguistics Coaching, and Master Hypnotherapy Practitioner, among few other coaching certifications based on Milton Erickson and Carl Jung.


Ruth Franco ( is a cognitive psychologist and a psychotherapist in Lin Psychological Services, with 15 years of clinical experience. She is also a mindfulness instructor, a supervisor for HUS Spanish speaking personnel and a consultant for companies and organizations on issues such as prevention of burnout, unconscious biases, psychological flexibility and team development. She is especially interested in helping individuals to find the many ways in which they can increase their awareness and live a life according to their values, becoming at the same time respectful to the values of others. She is a meditator and wants to share with others the benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices.


(1) Dr. Joe Dispenza Public Conference Mexico 2016