Wednesday 24.10 at 6pm at Old Arkadia: Recital by Mion Wuosha

On / Arkadia International Bookshop

Dear friend of Arkadia,

You are invited to a song recital by Mion Wuosha on Wednesday 24.10 at 6pm at Old Arkadia ( Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 9A)

Mion Wuosha is a Finnish singer songwriter from Lapland. She tells stories of encounters, of a spiritual journey and of sorrow and hope. She also plays the piano and a Lappish drum and is accompanied by Sauli Tyni at the cello.

Mion Wuosha, piano, voice and drum
Sauli Tyni, cello


Warm regards,


Entrance is free and green tea will be offered. A donation of €2 (or more!) to fund the event is suggested and would be most welcome.