Wednesday 27.11 at 6 pm: ‘Scotland beyond stereotypes’ by Eeva Simola

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You are invited to an evening trip to Scotland and meeting locals, organised as an illustrated talk by author and journalist Eeva Simola on Wednesday 27.11 at 6 pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11, Helsinki).

Eeva Simola promises to lead you deeper into Scottish matters than stereotype images such as bagpipes and tartans go. She will try to convey some atmospheres and experiences she has been collecting there since her first trip in 1975.

Travel tips will be guaranteed.

After the event, she will be signing her new book (Mondo Travel Guide Scotland), and you may have an opportunity to buy a signed copy.


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-Entrance is free but a donation of €3 (or more) to fund the event is suggested and would be most welcome.

Eeva Simola: Even before her degree studies in Economics at St Andrews University and thereafter, she has been drawn to Scotland for great many reasons. She will discuss some at Arkadia.

To her, writing down experiences and digging for new information has been a long standing dream. The publication of her book on 11 September this fall was a dream come true. It is also the first travel guide to Scotland written in Finnish.

Eeva introduces people and places and gives locals a face and voice. The book has been well received, and her way of writing has been described as vivid.You might even like to have her organize your trip to Scotland, or guide you round there, who knows… A related net group will also be released in the event.

Eeva already has over a dozen non-fictious titles behind her: contributions to or editions of non-fiction titles as well as translations of books by Al Gore, Club of Rome and Gaia Atlas into Finnish. She calls translating texts ”my crossword puzzles”. She writes even poetry and for children, and enjoys occasional shifts in a deli in the archipelago. She is a member of Federation of Writers Scotland and of three journalistic associations in Finland.

She has worked mainly in journalism since 1980, often involved as a pioneer e.g. in setting up a newspaper and an information
bureau (FinnWatch).

Operating in several languages, she has worked mainly full time, as correspondent, columnist or project manager for serious media based in Finland, Britain, Norway and Germany.

She is currently free lancing, as well as tandem learning thro Skype (Finnish-Latvian), and awaiting a scholarship for an investigative project she sees as crucially important.