Wednesday 4.5 at 6pm at Arkadia: Music journey through the world by guitarist Afshin Ardalan

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You are invited to Music journey through the world by guitarist Afshin Ardalan on Wednesday 4.5 at 6pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11)

Programme :
Granada: I. Albeniz
En los trigales: J. Rodrigo
Six Balkan miniatures: D. Bogdanovic


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Afshin has studied Guitar with famous world-class Guitarists such as Hubert Käppel, Lily Afshar , Aniello Desiderio , Marcin Dylla , Dale Kavanagh , Timo Korhonen , Antigoni Goni Carlo Marchione etc.

Afshin began playing the Guitar on his own hand-made guitar in Persia in 1996. At this time he was a Setar player in the Shiraz youth orchestra. He studied under K. pourmoghaddam in Tehran initially, after a few years he made his debut in Shiraz and then Tehran. Simultaneously he participated in Lily Afshar’s master classes held in Iran.

He left to Finland to study Guitar performance at the Lahti Polytechnic under Juha Johansson.

Later on he attended postgraduate studies with Hubert Käppel at the Koblenz International Guitar Academy, Germany.
Afshin studied music pedagogy at Metropolia Polytechnic with Petri Kumela, where he acquired his degree in classical guitar performance.