Wednesday 9.12 at 6 pm at Arkadia: Concert by the Castrillón/Haugaard duo

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You are invited to concert by the Castrillón/Haugaard duo on Wednesday 9.12 at 6 pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11)

In a mix of improvisational and minimalistic sounds, Natalia Castrillón and Kamilla Haugaard will create a reflective and expressive atmosphere where the sounds of the harp, piano and voices blend gracefully together while also creating interesting contrasts. .


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Natalia (COL) brings to the duo her background of classical music as well as a curiousity of using and playing the harp in new ways.
Kamilla (DK) brings her sensitive and powerful ways of using her voice and the piano.
The duo find inspiration in the different cultures they come from and they use deep listening and free improvisation as their main way of working and writing songs